What is the CeeNee CuTee Auto Audio Volume Control?

• When you add thousands karaoke songs from different producers (Thuy Nga, Asia, U Sing Along, Karaoke from Vietnam, English, Chinese, and etc …) to your hard drive Karaoke machines. And depending on the producers preferences the final mix for each album will be louder or softer relative to other song/album. This is an issue when having media content from multiple sources.
• CeeNee CuTee is designed to keeps volume levels steady, so you won’t be bothered by volume dips or peaks. CeeNee CuTee will maintain the volume level that you decide. With CeeNee CuTee you do not need using the remote control to adjust the volume when changing from the quite songs to a loud one and vice versa. CeeNee CuTee is designed to keep the original recording sound and eliminate the unwanted noise to produce clear audio output.