How do I connect my CeeNee to my external hard drive, mixer, HD TV for a Karaoke system.

Are the below connections correct?

1. Video Out: CeeNee (HDMI port) –> HD TV (HDMI port)

2. Audio Out: CeeNee (Optical port) –> Mixer (Optical port) and from Mixer –> Loud Speakers

3. CeeNee (USB port) –> External Hard Drive (USB port)

For # 2 connection above, I can’t find the optical cable in the CeeNee package contents. Where could I get an optical cable to complete #2?

For the CeeNee, if you mainly use it for Karaoke, then you don’t have to buy the optical cable.  Currently, there is no Karaoke mixer that takes optical input.  However, you can still buy optical cable to take advantage of the HD audio quality from HD movies. So, the correct Karaoke setup is this:

1)  Amplifier & Mixer
CeeNee A/V output (Red/White cable) -> Mixer input (Red/White input) / Mixer output (Red/White out) -> Amplifier input (Red/White input)

2)  Amplifier with built-in mixer
CeeNee A/V output (Red/White cable) -> Mixer/Amplifier input (Red/White input)
You can also connect CeeNee Optical output -> Amplifer Optical input for HD movie/sound (this connection is not for Karaoke).